• Your childs learning journey at Kiddz

    Our Educators keep a record of each child’s Learning Journey. These include stories and significant happenings while they’re in our care. The stories capture and celebrate who your child is, and can be viewed by parents online through our education portal.

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  • What makes ECE with Kiddz unique?

    At Kiddz we are committed to creating high quality, dynamic, educational experiences for children, families and educators. We want our children to be passionate about learning, to question, to think deeply, to come up with theories and ideas. We want our children to keep that sense of wonder.

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  • Our Philosophy

    It is deeply embedded in our philosophy that children learn through relationships. Any experience a child has involves a relationship on some level be it with people, places, things or time.

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  • Who can use our service?

    We are open to enrolments from everyone. We accept babies from six weeks and also may be able to arrange care for older siblings before and after school.

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  • Hapori/Playgroups at Kiddz

    At Kiddz we plan and organise regular weekly Hapori (playgroups) as a way for children to engage and socialise in larger groups. Hapori provides an opportunity to bring the children, parents, & educators together and creates stronger links within our programme.

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  • KIDDZ Are Recruiting Educators Now

    Do you want to be a valued member of an early childhood service that is recognised by the Education Review Office and the Ministry of Education as a progressive and innovative organisation?

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