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Section 2 - Working With Children

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Section 3 – KIDDZ Homebased Early Childhood Education Service Requirements for Educators

Each Educator is required to attend an induction course before children are placed in their care and is encouraged to complete the Open Polytechnic certificate in Homebased care (Level 4) or other relevant early childhood training (unless already have an ECE qualification).

Are you interested in ongoing education opportunities for Educators? *

Are you prepared to respect family’s privacy by maintaining confidentiality? (However, any concerns should be shared with KIDDZ Visiting Teacher’s) *

Do you have a current Comphrehensive First Aid Certificate? This is required before children are placed in your care. *

Will you, if approved as an Educator - Be prepared to reach and maintain the standards set out in the Education (Early Childhood Services) 2008 Regulations, HOME BASED CARE. Some of these are to be able to provide the following:

Clean premises / safety from dangers such as heat sources, electricity, stairs, poisons / security by fencing grounds and water / play space, activities and equipment? *

Agree to advise your KIDDZ Visiting Teacher of any changes in your situation or the conditions in the home? *

Understand that numbers of children in permanent childcare arrangements are limited by the regulations? *

Communicate with, observe and record children’s learning in partnership with parents and KIDDZ Visiting Teachers? *

In relationships with children and parents avoid stereotyping and be accepting of differences in culture and ability? *

A visiting teacher will discuss and/or provide written material on the details of the above.

As a condition of becoming an Educator for KIDDZ Homebased Early Childhood Education Service, I am fully aware that myself and all members of my household over the age of 17 years must undergo a police vet.

Number of people in your household over the age of 17 years? * You will receive police vet forms at the initial interview.