Financial Matters

Parents/guardians will pay educators directly and are expected to pay the amount owing promptly. Fees are set by the educator within the guidelines set by the service.

The Ministry of Education requires that we keep a record of the child’s attendance. Educators fill in a Child Attendance Record with the contracted hours and the hours the children attend. Parents/guardians are required to sign this record daily as you pick up your child/ren. Arrival and departure times are rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

You will be charged for your child’s contracted hours or for the hours your child attends, whichever is the greatest. Contracted hours are negotiated between the parent/guardian, educator and Visiting Teacher before your child commences care.

Children are required to attend for a minimum of 9 hours per week.

At least 7 days notice must be given if care is to cease.

We may be able to provide full-time, part-time, rostered or casual care and will discuss your particular requirements with you.

Contracts may include specific periods during the year for which there is no parent fee charged.

If a break in care is required (e.g. holidays), at least 7 days notice must be given. For absences notified a week in advance a retainer is charged.

No fee will be charged for Christmas Day and Good Friday when the service is closed. These are the only public holidays the service is closed. If your child is booked in on a public holiday and is absent then a retainer is charged.

If the contracted hours are not used, and there is less than 7 days notice given normal fees are charged. This includes absences for illness. If at any time your educator is unable to care for your child/ren, we endeavour to provide alternative care. If alternative care is used you will be charged as normal. If there is no alternative care, there is no charge.

If there is any difficulty in obtaining payment from parents then the services of Aorangi Debt Collection will be used.