Learning Journeys

Educators keep a record of each child’s Learning Journey. These include stories and significant happenings some of which are linked to our current inquiry. The stories capture and celebrate who your child is.

The Visiting Teachers keep a record of the group inquiry learning journey. They also write a series of books capturing in story form the experiences and opportunities the children have been a part of. Educators receive a copy of these books to enable the children to revisit their learning. On occasion families will receive a copy of these books also.

To support your child/ren in their learning journey with us, parents also have access to our secure online portal (Educa) so they can see their children’s journey with us anywhere you have an internet connection.

Within this portal our educators provide regular updates, post stories or activity notes, and can upload photos. All of this is available in a completely secure environment to ensure privacy while connecting with your child/ren at Kiddz.