MoE Contracts

Pacifika Playgroup

As part of a Ministry of Education contract with Kiddz we also provide a free Nu’ualofa Playgroup at Rowley Primary School. Nu’ualofa is a place fanau can gather together to connect, collaborate and engage in their children’s care and learning. We want families to have ownership of Nu’ualofa – a strong sense of belonging, a sense of place. Situated in Rowley School grounds, Nu’ualofa is at the heart of the community. It is a place for the whole fanau to connect, pre-schoolers, school children, parents/caregivers and teachers. Nu’ualofa is a place for children and fanau to learn with and alongside each other, deeply rooted in culture, language and identity.

For more information about the Nu’ualofa Playgroup please download the following PDF

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Hornby Primary School – Transition to School Playgroup

Welcome to our transition to school playgroup. This playgroup is for you and your child/children who are starting at Hornby Primary School. We will focus on the transition for your new entrant child and your family into this School environment.

The purpose of the playgroup is to provide the opportunity for your family to develop relationships within the school community.

You will become familiar with the schools environment, protocol, practices, routines, and the key people in the school, i.e. principal, new entrant teacher, and other children and families.

For more information on the Transition to School playgroup pls view the following PDF.

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