Our Nannys

At Kiddz we also offer the option of a professional Nanny, providing care and education for your child, in your home. We support you in the process of finding the perfect nanny for your family, and provide on-going support including:

  • regular visits from our visiting teachers to support your nanny in developing secure relationships that allows the children to follow their passions and interests and be the leaders in their learning journey.
  • A weekly playgroup where your nanny can network with other educators and nanny’s, your child/ren can experience being part of a larger group, and be involved in inquiry based play and learning.
  • Professional development for your nanny.
  • An e-portfolio that documents your child’s learning journey.
  • Police vetting and referees checks for all our nanny’s, including an interview to ensure that our philosophy resonates with them and that they are committed to providing the best possible outcomes for children.
  • Our nanny’s all have current first aid certificates.

As part of process to select a Nanny for your family we will need to do a safety check of your home and gardens to meet the Ministry of Education regulations for Homebased Childcare. This is to ensure that children are safe at all times while under the care of the nanny. Your home needs to have a fenced outdoor area for children to play that is accessible from the house, guards around any heaters/fires that a child could burn themselves on, any swimming pools need to be fenced. There needs to be access to a first aid kit.


The average rate for a nanny is between $16 – 22 per hour. This can be negotiated between you and your nanny, depending on qualifications, skills and experience.

We have a placement fee of $500 plus GST which is waived if you enrol your pre-school child in our education service as above. Our service is for pre-school children  under 6. The placement fee is applicable for families who may need a nanny for school aged children and want the security of knowing they have been thoroughly screened and are regularly available. The placement fee would also apply to a family whose home may not meet the Ministry of Education regulations in meeting the safety check and for whom we could not provide on-going support, but could support in finding a nanny.

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