I have been an educator with K IDDZ for ten years.

The Visiting Teachers from KIDDZ have given me on-going support and encouragement, and passed on their invaluable knowledge and experience of early childhood education.

There have also been plenty of opportunities for professional development and studies, which have broadened my understanding of the children, and enabled me to give higher quality care. This reflected in my award of Runner Up Educator of the Year 2013 for the NZ Homebased Childcare Association.

I feel very honoured to care and educate the children parents place in my trust. I enjoy the relationships I have with the families, and have had the privilege of caring for multiple siblings from families.

KIDDZ is a fantastic service that ensures the children receive the high quality c are that they deserve, through supporting and growing quality educators.

Glenys - 2014

I have been an educator for KIDDZ since May 2012. Prior to that my daughter was in KIDDZ care from the age of 8 months until she turned 5.

It was very reassuring to me, knowing that while I was at work my baby girl was in a home environment with a wonderful educator to look after her, and knowing that all her needs were being met in a small, caring and nurturing environment.

Working as an educator means I can work from home and always be there for my daughter after school and during school holidays. I highly recommend KIDDZ to anyone looking for childcare or considering a career as an educator.

Jo - 2014

Kiddz is a supportive, family orientated home based childcare provider who I would whole heartily recommend. Our daughter was welcomed into carers home and made to feel like part of their family. Over the 4 years she was provided with excellent care and nurturing to develop her social and life skills. We were provided great support with her transition to school which included discussions with us and our daughter to make an individual plan. Our daughter has settled nicely into school and I know that Kiddz played a huge part in this. We really appreciate the excellent care provided by carers and the Kiddz Team.

Tracy - 2014

Working as an educator with KIDDZ, my family and I love opening our home and hearts to the children I care for. We have formed close bonds with the children and their families.

I enjoy the absolute wonder of following the children’s curiosities and ever changing interests! We love our weekly playgroup, catching up with other educators and children and just love the freedom of being able to explore the natural beauty of our town and join everyday activities in the community.

Our visiting teacher comes full of great advice and ideas – ever helpful and supportive as we guide the children through their precious years of early childhood.

Janette - 2014