About Us


Kiddz Home Based Child Care has been around for 23 years providing homebased care to many hundreds of children. Kiddz homebased educators are dedicated to providing high-quality and dynamic learning experiences for children and families. We are influenced by the Reggio Emilia and RIE approaches to Early Childhood Education, which are widely recognised and respected worldwide.

I love that my children get childcare that is so similar to if they were at home with me. Their days are adapted around how they're feeling and the weather and what fun things they can do. - Jo

Kiddz homebased education provides children with individualised attention from their caregiver. With a smaller group of children or even one-on-one care, the caregiver can tailor activities, routines, and learning experiences to meet the specific needs and interests of each child. This personalised approach can support children's development and learning.


We believe that a warm and familiar environment enables children to feel calm and secure and provides a more relaxed and flexible atmosphere compared to larger childcare centers. A Kiddz caregiver is able to develop open communication between themselves and parents, allowing for regular updates, sharing of concerns, and collaborative decision-making.

The caregiver and parents can work together to establish routines and schedules that accommodate the specific needs of the child and family, including work schedules, individual preferences, and potential variations in daily routines.​

The ultimate goal at Kiddz is to foster a passion for learning in children, encouraging them to question, think deeply, and develop theories and ideas. They aim to nurture and maintain a sense of wonder and curiosity in the children they serve.​

Another benefit of homebased care is that children of different ages have the opportunity to interact and learn from one another. This mixed-age dynamic can support social development, empathy, and the sharing of experiences. Younger children may benefit from observing and learning from older peers, while older children can develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility.​

Our Team

Our Kiddz homebased carer is fantastic! She goes above and beyond to care for our children. She is responsible, reliable, and has a warm personality that our kids adore. - Tawhi